9-2-20 Grace2-2-20 Swissies2-5-20 Penny2-13-20 Carly2-22-20 EAA Ski Plane Fly In2-24-20 Sunshine and Jack2-28-20 Taylor and Bernadette2-29-20 Wasco and Mable3-11-20 Rochester Dog Park3-25-20 Moose5-11-20 Sophia5-21-20 Coach6-8-20 Appleton Bernese6-17-20 Phoebe6-23-20 Emilia6-23-20 Zoey6-26-20 Emilia 27-26-20 Frankie7-31-20 Oscar8-7-20 Ted's House8-10-20 Penny8-15-20 Brie and Bleu9-2-20 Local Dog Walking Group9-3-20 Penny dock diving10-6-20 Monty and Sophie10-8-20 Divot and Hopper10-12-20 Kagney, Kutter, Karl10-19-20 Curry10-20-20 Sharon Bud and Jackson10-23-20 Daisy and Judah10-27-20 Layla, Brewtus, Tuukka10-30-20 Trooper the Dog11-1-20 Hugo11-02-20 Chester11-3-20 Amara and Lucci fall11-4-20 Courtney and friends11-10-20 Lori and Friends11-13-20 Pierogi Maggie and Leeloo11-15-20 Clark and Addison11-16-20 Luna and Friends11-19-20 Reggie Madison and Luna11-22-20 Sherman11-23-20 Ollie and Morty11-24-20 Bindi12-1-20 Azeni12-1-20 Maeby12-2-20 Boss and Eclipse12-3-20 Tucker and Watson12-4-20 Krause12-9-20 Skip and Loam12-May-20 PM12-May-20 PM Edited12-May-20 PM Edited 2Grace 21-Feb-20Zeus 15-Jan-20